Predict your Facet5 profile – which Facet5 family do you identify with?

Do you enjoy social occasions or do you find yourself making excuses when your colleagues invite you out for drinks after work?  Are you a fast decision maker, pushing ahead without consulting others or do you prefer to take a more consultative approach at work?  Are you a list maker who likes things completing in a particular order or are you more free thinking and liberal in your approach to your work? (Some may say chaotic!)

Whatever your preference, the key to being happy and successful at work is to firstly be aware of what makes you tick (what your preferences are), and secondly, to be aware of what makes  those around you tick (what their preferences are!)

Most people I come across are pretty self aware.  They tend to know who they are and have a good grasp of where their strengths and weaknesses lay.   Suffice to say, when I introduce someone to their Facet5  personality profiles there are usually no nasty surprises (which makes my life easier!) but more importantly,  people come away from their feedback with a sense of  validation  about themselves and some useful insights about the way that they may be perceived by others.

This is why it can be so valuable to use Facet5.  It can provide individuals at work with confirmation that they are “in the right job” or that actually, they need to be having a chat with their manager because their strengths are not being fully utilised.   It is also extremely useful for your colleagues and as well as forming the basis of a conversation about where your career is going with your boss, it also open up opportunities for discussion with your colleagues.  People are often surprised to discover how others perceive them!

Have a look at the 17 Facet5 family shapes below and see if you identify with some more than others, or if there is one in particular that looks like it might be describing you.   I am an Explorer,  and a pretty true one at that.  I understand that some may perceive that I can get side tracked by new ideas.  I prefer to think of it as generating as many ideas as possible so that there are always options available!  As for erratic and unfocussed…………….. well, I think I will let my colleagues be the judge of that!





If you would like to find out what which Facet5 family you do belong to (by completing the questionnaire online) then I would be delighted to arrange a trial and feedback session for you.  Please drop me a line at

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