• Are you mostly happy at work but feel that you are not fully realising your potential?
  • Are you stuck in rut and looking for a change?
  • Would you like to invest in your development?
  • Are you returning to work after having a break?
  • Are there team dynamics at work that you find frustrating?
  • Could you do with developing your “dealing with people” toolkit?

If you can identify with one or more of the above then please do get in touch to discuss booking a session with Julie. Prior to meeting, she will send you a questionnaire to complete (which should take no more than 15 minutes) and then arrange a time to meet for your coaching and development session. During this 1.5 hour session, you will receive your Spotlight Development Guide and will have the opportunity to explore your strengths, risks, frustrations and challenges and development goals.  Julie will then help you develop some action and learning points to take forward over the following weeks and months.


Special offer in July  –  £100 if booked before the 31st July 2107.