Purple Tulip was founded by Julie Mrowicki-Green in 2008 with the aim of providing businesses with people-focused solutions in virtually any circumstance.  Purple Tulip improves performance through advanced understanding of, of teams and of businesses. And we always make sure our clients enjoy the ride.

Having worked within organisations for many years, Julie is acutely empathetic with the issues that can arise. Organisations have a tendency to become clogged by poor communication, by politics and by bureaucracy. As she says, “I feel their pain, and I want to make it better!”

A highly experienced facilitator and team coach, she establishes confidence very quickly in newly formed bid teams and joint ventures, bringing to life their strengths and areas for improvement. Julie works globally, understanding the importance of cultural differences and establishing rapport between all levels within the teams and organisations that she works with.

Julie works with a network of carefully selected associates to enable the design and delivery of every scale of project from one-on-one coaching to full scale assessment centres.

Prior to founding Purple Tulip, Julie worked for the British Psychological Society as Manager of the Psychological testing Centre where she was responsible for setting and maintaining standards in psychological testing. She has also worked at the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and as a recruitment consultant.